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From captivating videos and interactive experiences to gamified learning and cutting-edge eLearn products, Knowledge Launch is your creative partner for high-quality, unique, and impactful media.

Beyond Boundaries, Across Channels

Knowledge Launch breaks the mold of traditional multimedia production. Our expertise goes beyond creating engaging videos; we excel in crafting versatile and dynamic content. Whether you need interactive and gamified learning experiences or state-of-the-art eLearn software, we deliver high-quality solutions that are custom-made for you.

Captivating Audiences: Expert Video and Multimedia Production

Experience the power of visual storytelling with Knowledge Launch’s video and multimedia production. Our team of creative professionals specializes in bringing ideas to life through captivating visuals and compelling narratives. Whether it’s for training or internal communication, our team ensures each piece leaves a lasting impact on your audience. 

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Gamify Your Learning Journey

Knowledge Launch redefines the learning experience through interactive and gamified solutions that captivate, engage, and educate. We seamlessly integrate gamification into immersive learning experiences, creating a dynamic and engaging learning environment. Introduce your audience to learning journeys that blend traditional training and the excitement of games.

Customized for Your Learning Objectives

Knowledge Launch is your gateway to a revolutionized approach to online education. We understand that every organization has unique learning objectives. Our eLearn development services go beyond the ordinary, focusing on key features that elevate the learning experience. From interactive modules and assessments to engaging multimedia elements and comprehensive virtual courses, we create content that aligns seamlessly with your goals, ensuring a personalized and effective learning experience.

Case Study

In response to the evolving needs of the education landscape, Knowledge Launch embarked on a groundbreaking project to modernize and virtualize the training methodologies of a prominent state’s government agency. Traditional in-classroom training methods posed significant challenges, exacerbated by the geographical dispersion of trainees across the state. The need for comprehensive, standardized training gained even greater urgency due to pandemic-related disruptions caused by the onset of COVID-19. These challenges underscored the necessity for a transformative shift towards an accessible and engaging eLearning platform for agency staff throughout the state.

Our journey commenced with extensive collaboration and immersion within the agency’s domain. Through ongoing discussions and a deep dive into their training procedures, we gleaned invaluable insights. A comprehensive examination of the content followed, where we not only understood but embraced the intricacies of delicate subject matter and information.

In the development phase, we went beyond conventional eLearning. Our approach included the creation of modules and training elements that extended far beyond simple information delivery. Immersive simulations and scenario-based training became integral, ensuring that learners actively engaged with the material. The platform integrated both offline and independent study components, allowing cohorts to shadow professionals within their agencies. This real-world application enriched the training experience by providing direct exposure to the challenges faced by seasoned experts in the field.

The end result was a dynamic, user-friendly eLearning platform, custom-tailored to the unique needs of the agency. Learners statewide gained access to comprehensive training that transcended geographical barriers, addressing the logistical challenges posed by the dispersed nature of the trainees. Beyond effective information dissemination, the virtualized training provided an interactive and engaging learning experience, showcasing the commitment Knowledge Launch holds to leveraging technology to enhance education, even in the face of unprecedented challenges and barriers.

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